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Do you have brick walls on your home that seem to move when you push on them? If so, you might need wall ties. Wall ties are an easy and cost-effective solution to fix brick walls that move.

So how do you know if your home needs wall ties? We like to use what we call the “Push Test”. Just walk around the exterior of your home and give each wall a good push. If you notice any movement, it’s a sign that the wall needs wall ties. No one in Oklahoma ¬†wants to see their walls tumbling over.¬†

The installation process is really simple! First, we’ll remove a brick that covers a stud on the exterior wall. Then, we’ll fasten the wall to the brick using the wall ties. Finally, we’ll replace the brick that was removed and match the mortar color.

Don’t let a moving brick wall cause you any more stress. Schedule your wall tie installation today.

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