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Crawl Space Inspections

Only $150 (OKC Metro)

A crawl space inspection for your house is like taking a look under the hood of your car. We know what we’re looking for and know how to identify any issues.

General Information

Typically, once a home has been purchased (and the initial home inspection has been completed), a crawl space is not inspected unless there is a major problem that is evident elsewhere.

Having a crawl pace inspection every few years can make homeowners aware of minor repairs that need to be remedied rather than waiting for them to become major projects.

Bowed / Sagging Floors

Typically caused by lack of proper support in a crawl space.

Doors That Stick

The original supports were not installed with the doors in mind. 

Cracks in Walls or Tile

Usually an indication of settlement or the crawl space could be taking on water.

Interested in scheduling a crawl space inspection?

We offer crawl space inspections for a fixed rate of $150 in the Oklahoma City Metro area.